Shumaiya Shimu | A Gorgeous Bangladeshi TV Actress

Shumaiya Shimu

Name: Shumaiya Shimu
Birth Date: 30th April
Occupation: Actress
Marital status: Unmarried
Nationality: Bangladeshi

Shumaiya Shimu is one of the biggest media celebrities in Bangladesh. She has been acting in various dramas, serials, movies and Ads. She dominates in her field more than one era. Acting is her passion and this helps her to reach this position she grabs now. Her passion in turned into her occupation. She is the sweetest girl in the Bangladeshi media world.


Shumaiya Shimu completed her graduation from Jahangir Nagar University at Politics. She is also completing her Ph.D from this university.


Shumaiya Shimu has done abundant dramas in her career. She first got the attention of viewers by a drama named “Shopnochura”. Within that Lolita, Houseful, fnf are the most notable work of her. Some of her dramas are:

  • Prem Eshe JachseShumaiya Shimu
  • Jaal
  • Jiboner Ulto Pata
  • Jabo Nirjone
  • Discount
  • Chithi
  • He Bondhu Amar
  • Challenge
  • Trishtar Tan Purata
  • Hawa Ballon
  • Props
  • Anondo
  • Ebong
  • Boka Jamai
  • Valobasha Bedonay
  • Manshi
  • Patri Dekha
  • Biyer Boyosh Baro
  • Rickshawala
  • Hate Matro 15 Mnt 17 Sec
  • Shada Golap
  • Na Shunte Raji Na
  • Thua
  • Showa Baba
  • Contrast
  • Anondo
  • Moneybag
  • Muhurto
  • Mitir Golpo
  • Seat Khali Nai
  • Juddho O Prem


  • FNF
  • Houseful
  • Lolita
  • Shopnochura

Personal Life

Shumaiya Shimu didn’t marry yet. She wants to complete her Ph.D first, and then she will agree to get married. She doesn’t interest with any person and wants to marry by her parents’ choice. Her parents also want to complete their daughter’s marriage as soon as possible. Because, her other all siblings got married and now it’s Shimu’s turn.

Shumaiya Shimu

Shumaiya Shimu