Shafin Ahmed | Legendary Musician of Bangladesh

Name: Shafin Ahmed
Occupation: Musician
Band: Miles
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Religion: Islam

Shafin Ahmed

Shafin Ahmed

Shafin Ahmed is a legendary singer of Bangladesh who contributes a lost in Bengali music. He is a member of popular band “Miles” for consecutive three decades successfully. He has released many solo and mixed albums and got huge popularity for his merit on music. He has recorded and composed more than 300 songs and most of them are all time hit songs.


Shafin Ahmed was born in Calcutta, but came to Bangladesh in his early age. He was bought up in a family where everybody involves with music. His father Komol Dash Gupta is a famous musician and his mother is a famous singer in Bangladesh. His brother Hamin Ahmed is also a singer and member of “Miles” band.


Shafin Ahmed engaged with music when he went to western world to complete education. He is author of many famous songs in Bangladesh. His career is mostly covered by “Miles” band.

Shafin Ahmed

Shafin Ahmed

Popular Songs:

  • Chand Tara Shurjo
  • Aj Jonmodin Tomar
  • Jala Jala
  • Prothom Premer Moto
  • Shey Kon Dorodiya
  • Dhiki Dhiki
  • She Kon Dorodiya
  • Pahari Meye
  • Firiye Dao
  • Ek Jhor Eshe
  • Jadu
  • R Kotokal Khujbo Tomay
  • Polashir Prantor
  • Pahari Meye
  • Koto Kaal Khujbo Tomay
  • Nirobe Kisukkhon
  • Oshohay
  • Jatiyo Shongiter Ditiyo Line
  • Protikkha
  • Hridoyhina

Solo Albums:

  • Tomakey (1997)
  • Pagla Ghonti (1998)
  • Chobi Ar Smrity Gulo (1999)
  • Best of Shafin Ahmed (2001)
  • Kotodin Dekhini Tomay (2006)
  • Virus (2006)
  • Harano Shukh (2007)
  • My Love Songs (2010)


Miles was formed in 1981. Mainly Shafin’s family members were the members of this band. They published their first album in 1982. In 2010 Shafin came out from this band citing his personal differences with the band “Rhythm of Life”, but at the end of that year, Shafin returned to Miles again.

Popular Albums of Miles:

  • Miles (1982)
  • Protishmruti (1992)
  • Prottyasha (1993)
  • Protyoy (1997)
  • Proyash
  • Probaho (2000)
  • Protiddhoni (2006)