Salauddin Lavlu | Multi-Talented TV Personality of Bangladesh

Salauddin Lavlu

Name: Salauddin Lavlu
Born: 24 January, 1962
Born Place: Kushtia, Bangladesh
Occupation: Actor, Director, Screenwriter
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Religious: Islam

Salauddin Lavlu is a multi-talented person in Bangladeshi Media. He enriches our media by providing many quality dramas. He believes that nature is the most luxurious thing in a drama. That’s why we see that his most dramas are village-centric. He prefers to make comedy oriented dramas.


Salauddin Lavlu was born in a village of Kushtia district at Khulna division in Bangladesh. He raised there in his childhood. He was fond of acting from his childhood.


In 1979, Salauddin Lavlu was a very young boy, but he came to Dhaka at this stage and joined with Aranyak Natyadol theater. There he acted in stage plays and that was his real institute where he learned acting. In 1985, he left the theater. After leaving the theater he started acting in BTV, but couldn’t make any breakthrough in his career. So he left acting and started photography in early 1990s. He was busying in photography six years and then a new passion rose in his mind, he wanted to be a director. So, in 1997 he started directing.


Salauddin Lavlu

Salauddin Lavlu has been making lots of dramas, Tele-novels and movies. All of his movies are related to village story of Bangladesh and of course these are comedy typed creation. Lavlu was praised for his Tele-novels and dramas from critics. The main attraction of his creations is, any family of Bangladesh can enjoy his dramas with other family members because these dramas are healthy and far away from unsocial activities.

A short list of Salauddin Lavlu’s most popular dramas, Tele-films and Tele-novels are given below. He also played as an actor, director and writer’s role in most of these films.

Salauddin Lavlu

Salauddin Lavlu

  • Gahargachi (1997)
  • Dichakrojan (1997)
  • Ghor (2002)
  • Ronger Manush (2004)
  • Bahadur Daktar (2006)
  • Bagikor (2006)
  • Vober Haat (2007)
  • Etimkhana (2007)
  • Goruchor (2007)
  • Ghor-Kutum (2008)
  • Dholer Baddo (2008)
  • Sakin-Sarisuri (2009)
  • Gadha Nogor (2009)
  • Warren (2009)
  • Alta Shundori (2009)

Personal Life

Salauddin Lavlu married Farjana Rowshon who is a famous model.