Sahara Khatun | A Controversial Politician of Bangladesh

Sahara Khatun
Sahara Khatun

Sahara Khatun

Name: Sahara Khatun
Birth date: 1st March, 1943
Occupation: Advocate, Politician
Nationality: Bangladeshi

Advocate Sahara Khatun MP is a senior leader of Bangladesh Awami League.


Shahara khatun was born in Kurmitola on Dhaka on 1943. She is the daughter of Mr. Abdul Aziz and Mrs. Turjan Nesa. She bought up in Dhaka city from her childhood.


From childhood, Sahara wanted to be a lawyer. So, she finished BA and LLB degrees to be a lawyer.


Sahara Khatun started her career as a lawyer. She used to manage cases at the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. She was a renowned lawyer in Supreme Court. She is the founder president of Bangladesh Awami Ainjibi Porishod. She is also the General Secretary of Bangladesh Mohila Shamity. Internationally she is a member of the International Women Lawyers’ Association and as well as the International Women Alliance.

Sahara Khatun

Sahara Khatun

Political Career

Shahara khatun was involved with politics from her student life. She was a candidate in the 5th Parliamentary election from Awami League. She was lost in her first election to Khaleda Zia from BNP. She again got nomination from Awami League in 2008 General Election. This time she got the advantages of corruption of BNP. She promised to people that she will improve the drainage system of her area, reconstruction the roads, keep away the snatchers from her area etc. People believed her words and elected her for their region, Dhaka-18. She was named as the Minister of Home Affairs of Bangladesh. Then, in reshuffle of 2012, she named as the Minister of Posts & Telecommunications of the Government of Bangladesh.

But, the sorrow of her region’s people is, she didn’t make her words true. Most of her promises were lived on the notebook, not in the real life. She is also accused of many controversies. Notable controversies are BDR Mutiny, extrajudicial killing, comment on Janmashtami etc.

Personal Life

Personally, she is an unmarried woman.

Sahara Khatun

Sahara Khatun