Sabrina Shafi Nisa | A Super Model and Actress of Bangladesh

Name: Sabrina Shafi Nisa
Occupation: Model, Actress, Dancer, Presenter
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Religion: Islam

Sabrina Shafi Nisa

Sabrina Shafi Nisa

Sabrina Shafi Nisa is a famous actress of Bangladeshi media. She is one of the busiest actresses in media right now. She isn’t only an actress but also a model and presenter too. She keeps her success in every corner of her life.

Personal Life

Nisa completed her Master Degree from Siddheswari University College at Dhaka. She was born in Khulna, but brought up in Dhaka from her childhood. She is the youngest of two siblings in her family. She got married with Saidul Karim Bappi in 2012.


Model and actress Sabrina Shafi Nisa came to media as a child actor when she was only 11 months old baby. She came to media again in 1997. She worked as a child actor in Humayun Ahmed’s “Shobuj Shathi” program. Then, she has performed in numerous programs in media till now.

Sabrina Shafi Nisa is a dancer too. She has completed a course of dancing from Bulbul Lolitokola Academy. She also completed a 3 years course from Bangladesh Shishu Academy. She and her partner Evan Shahriar Shohag create a dancing organization named “Nrittyovumi”. She won Gold medal in national dancing competition 5 times.



  • Ghure Daranor Shopno; directed by Taher Shipon
  • Diba Ratri Khola Thake; directed by Taher Shipon

    Sabrina Shafi Nisa

    Sabrina Shafi Nisa

  • Nondini; directed by Syed Awlad Hossain
  • Ronger Shongshar; directed by Sadek Siddiki
  • Tin Vubon
  • Shat Konya
  • Gulshan Avenue
  • Rongila


  • Munshibari; directed by  Sadek Siddiki
  • Gonona Norvul; directed by S A Haq Alik
  • Ohonkar; directed by Kaysar Ahmed
  • Fourth Class Society; directed by Saif Chandan


  • Daruchini  Dwip; directed by Toukir Ahmed

TV Ads

  • Banglalink (Ladies First)
  • Lux
  • Joba Hair Oil


  • Cinetune at Channel 1
  • Rabindranath at Bangla vision
  • Eid Ananda Adda at Maasranga
  • Ononya at Gazi


  • Champion in the Goalini Binodon Bichitra Beauty Contest (2004).
  • Jatio Shikkha Barsho Puroshkar gold medal (2002)

    Sabrina Shafi Nisa

    Sabrina Shafi Nisa