Ratna Kabir Sweety | Famous Actress of Bangladesh

Name: Ratna Kabir Sweety
Birthday: 23rd September
Father: H M Kabir
Mother: Husna Kabir
Occupation: Actress

Ratna Kabir Sweety

Ratna Kabir Sweety

Ratna Kabir Sweety is a popular film actress at this time. She has acted in many popular movies recent years. Almost she has acted in forty-two movies in her career. She came to this industry by beauty contest of Bichitra.


Engineer H M Kabir is the father of Ratna. Her mother, Mrs Husna Kabis is a journalist. They are two siblings. His younger brother Ananda Kabir Sweet is a high school student.


Ratna Kabir Sweety completed her honors from Jagannath University at Social Work and Masters from Dhaka Unoversity at ShomajKollyan. She got second class in Hons and 1st class in Masters.


Ratna Kabir Sweety

Ratna Kabir Sweety


When Ratna read in class eight, one of her friends Pinky sent some photos of her to Bichitra Beauty Contest without taking her permission. Then incidentally she was selected by the selectors of that program. After hearing it, her father got annoyed. But a director, Shibli Sadik, convinced her father to give permission to act in a movie. Then Ratna acted in her first movie named “Keno Valobashlam” with Ferdous.

Then she took a break from media and got involved in study. Three years later she again came to the media with three movies Shontan Amar Ohonkar, Mon Jekhane Hridoy Shekhane, Shontaner moto Shontan which are directed by Shahin Shumon.


  • Itihash (Qazi Hayat)
  • Keno Valobashlam (Ferdous Ahmed)
  • Moron Niye Khela (Razzaq)
  • Noshto Munna (Shaheen-Shumon)
  • Shontan Amar Ohonkar (Shaheen-Shumon)
  • Mon Jekhane Hridoy Shekhane (Shaheen-Shumon)
  • Shontaner Moto Shontan (Shaheen-Shumon)
  • Pore Na Chokher Polok (Mohammad Hannan)
  • Shedin Brishti Silo (Ovi, Shumit; 1st Digital Movie)
  • Koshto Amar Duniya (Shottyoronjon Romance)
  • Kothin Lorai
  • Shontaner Moto Shontan
  • Ek Dui Tin
  • Arun Birun Kiron Mala (Juwel Shastri)
  • Dhoka
Ratna Kabir Sweety

Ratna Kabir Sweety