Porshi | New Sensation of Bangladesh Music Industry

Name: Porshi
Occupation: Singer
Award: 2nd Runner-up of Channel-i Khude Gaan Raaj
Nationality: Bangladeshi


Porshi is the new sensation of Bangladesh. She is a female singer who gets the focus of media by a talent hunt show named “Channel-i Khude Gaan Raaz”. She released some super hit albums in recent years. She has around millions of fans in Bangladesh. The senior artists of Bangladesh say that she has very bright future in the music industry of Bangladesh.


Porshi is a student of Cambrian School. She is a student of class ten in this school.


Porshi practised singing from her childhood. Her grandmother always inspired her for singing. Porshi said that only for her grandmother, she came to this stage where she stands today. Her first Ostad (Teacher) was Niaz Mamun. She has learned classical music from Anup Barua. She released two solo albums named Porshi & Porshi 2 till now. She also sang in duet albums and playback song.




Solo Albums

  • Porshi (2010) by Laser Vision
    ft. Bappa Mazumdar, Arfin Rumey, Adit, Mahmud Sunny, Shondhi
  • Porshi 2 (2012) by G-Series (Agniveena)
    ft. Bappa Mazumdar, Arfin Rumey, Zuel Morshed, Ibrar Tipu, Sajid , Shondhi

Duet Albums

  • Hridoyer Gohine ( Co-artist: Imran) Album name: Shopnolok
  • Priotoma (Co-artist: Arfin Rumey) Album name: Valobashi Tomay
  • Prothom Shurjodoy (Co-artist: Shafiq Tuhin) Album name: Anurag
  • Ekla Prohor (Co-artist: Belal Khan) Album name: Anurag
  • Poloke Poloke (Co-artist: Arfin Rumey) Album name: Nilanjona
  • Tomar amar (Co-artist: Rupom) Album name: Jonom Jonom

Playback Songs

  • Chacchu amar chacchu- solo
  • Mission C.I.D – solo
  • Lal tip – (Kothao chile na tumi) with Arfin Rumey
  • Eito Valobasha- with Bappa Mazumdar
  • Kusum purer golpo – (Lal lal tuk tuk boudi) with protik hasan ft Ferdous Wahid
  • Wating – solo ft Prithwi Raj
  • pairates the blood secret- (Shurjota dure gele) With Muhin
  • Emonoto Prem hoy – (E jiboner Shopno gulo) With S.I Tutul
  • Shopnil Vubon – Solo (Title song)
  • Pita putrer golpo – (Tumi acho) with Arfin Rumey
  • Chaya-Chobi- (Poth) with Arfin Rumey

Drama Serial Songs

  • Chader Nijer kono alo nei- (Dolna) With Arfin Rumey
  • Valobashi tai Valobeshe jai- solo


Porshi has got numerous awards from several places from her childhood. Here we show the all awards of her career till now at a glance:

  • 3rd place in Desher Gaan “From Komol Kuri” in 2001
  • 1st place in Chora gaan “From Komol Kuri” in 2001
  • Awarded as the best dancing artist from “Onjoli Nrittokola Ekademi” in 2003
  • 2nd Runner-up in Channel-i khude gaan raj 2008
  • Awarded as the best child singer of 2008 from “sweet dreams cultural forum”
  • Awarded as the best female singer in 2010
  • Nominated for the best female singer in 2010 from ” Meril Prothom Alo Award 2010″
  • Nominated for the best female singer in 2010 from “Jugantor Performance Award 2010”
  • Nominated for the best female singer in 2011 from ” Meril Prothom Alo Award 2011″
  • Most popular female singer by “Mejab Award (Media Journalist Association of Bangladesh)” in 2011