Obaidul Quader | A Different Politician Who Get Honored by People

Obaidul Quader

Obaidul Quader

Name: Obaidul Quader
Born place: Bara Rajapur, Companigonj, Noakhali
Father: Mosharrof Hussain
Mother: Fajilatunnesa

Obaidul quader is a name of a bold politician. He is a senior leader of Bangladesh Awami League. When people of Bangladesh couldn’t find any hope for their future, this person brings some light to keep our faith on politicians. He is one of them in Awami League party, who enlighten the whole environment of politics by his own work. Right now, he is the Minister of Communication as well as a Member of Parliament of Bangladesh.


Obaidul Quader was bought up in a rural area of Bangladesh. He was born in the village of BaraRajapur, Companigonj Upazila in Noakhali District. His father, Mosharrof Hussain was a classmate of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. His mother’s name is Fajilatunnesa.


Obaidul Quader completed his matriculation from Basurhat Govt. A. H. C High School with a first division. Then, he completed his HSC from Noakhali Govt. College. To get higher degree, Quader came to Dhaka and finished his bachelor degree from University of Dhaka in Political Science.

Obaidul Quader

Obaidul Quader


Obaidul Quader was a journalist in the beginning of his career. He worked a long period as the assistant director of Daily Banglar Bani. He was a writer too. He is a author of nine books. These are:


  • Bangladesh: A Revolution Betrayed
  • Bangladesher Hridoy Hote
  • Pakistaner Karagare Bongobondhu
  • Ei Bijoyer Mukut Kothay
  • Tin Shomudrer Deshe
  • Meghe Meghe Onek Bela
  • Rochona Shomogro
  • Karagare Lekha Onusmrity

Political Career

Quader was an active member of student politics during his student life. He played a vital role in the “Six point movement” and the “Eleven point movement” in 1969.He was the commander of Companiganj Thana Mujib Forces during the liberation war in 1971. He was elected as the president of Bangladesh Chhatra League in 1975 when he was imprisoned. He was two consecutive terms president of Bangladesh Chhatra League.

He was first elected as a Member of Parliament in 1996 from the constituency Noakhali-5. That time he managed the role of state minister of Youth, Sports and Cultural Affairs from 1996 to 2001. He again arrested by the Caretaker Government of Bangladesh for 17 months and 26 days.

Now he is the Minister of Communication of Bangladesh and takes some bold steps to destroy the evils of this sector.

Personal Life

Obaidul Quader married Isratunnesa, who is a lawyer.

Obaidul Quader

Obaidul Quader