Mounita Khan Ishana | Rising Super Model of Bangladesh

Name: Mounita Khan Ishana
Born: 16th December, 1987
Occupation: Model, Actress
Years Active: 2009 to Present
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Religion: Islam

Mounita Khan Ishana

BD Model

Mounita Khan Ishana is a rising super model of Bangladesh. She hits the jackpot when she stood first in Lux Channel i Superstar in 2009. She got a pair of stunning eyes with gorgeous face which attracts all types of people in Bangladesh. She has skyrocketing demand in TV ads.


Mounita Khan Ishana was born in Comilla in 1987. She bought up in a cultural-minded family. Her father Mahbubul ALam Khan engaged with theatre in his age. Her mother Nilima Islam was elected for cultural secretary of Comilla Victoria College. So she always got the shelter of her parents in showbiz world.

Mounita Khan Ishana

Bangladeshi Model


Mounita Khan Ishana got the limelight of media when she won the 1st runner up place of beauty pageant Lux Channel i superstar in 2009. After winning this title, she got many offers to act in dramas, movies and TVC. She always wants to keep her quality to the spectators, so that she never accepts all requests of acting.


Ishana prefers one-episode drama most to drama serials. She thinks that drama serials are sort of boring when people can get the full enjoyment from one-episode drama. But she also works in drama serials when she finds quality scripts. Ishana has worked in many dramas and TVC till now. Her notable works are:


  • Andho Tirondaz (Murad Parvez)

    Mounita Khan Ishana


  • Phiriye Dilam Prithibi
  • Shimana Periye (Shokal Ahmed)
  • Shonali Jonakir Alo
  • Akash Nila
  • Nirbak Valobasha
  • Khonikaloy
  • Shukhe Thakle Vute Kilay
  • Generation Next Dot
  • Ondho Tirondaj
  • Red Line
  • Shomporko
  • Mayara
  • Jiboner Golpo
  • Sheulimala
  • Aynate Oi Mukh Dekhbe Jokhon
  • Byfocal
  • Moner Janala
  • Akasher Nichey manush
  • Shimana Periye
  • Taal Betal
  • One Test
  • Nij Grihe Porobashi
  • Aunko Bonak Eingreji
  • Lampostey Lege Thaka Beborno Biikel

TV Ads

  • Fair and Lovely Max Fairness Cream
  • Panasonic
  • Manz Active
  • Banglalink
  • Citycell
  • Pran
  • Grameen Phone

Besides these, Ishana also hosts a talk show named “Look at me” in RTV. She got many offers of acting in silver screen. But she doesn’t want to act in big screen right now.

Mounita Khan Ishana isn’t married yet and she has no plan to get married right now as she said to media. She always said that she stood here only for her mother’s inspiration.

Mounita Khan Ishana

Mounita Khan