Mosharraf Karim

Mosharraf Karim was born in Dhaka at 22 August of 1970. His immense talent on acting made him popular in all over the country. Mosharrof Karim is such a powerful actor that he can not only impress people by his acting but also his solid and manly voice that the general people love the most.

Personal InformationMosharraf Karim

Full Name: Meer Mosharrof Karim
Date of Birth: 22th August, 1970
Home District: Barishal

Story of Life

Mosharrof Karim got introduced to this acting career when he was in childhood. He joined in the School Theater and in 1986 he started acting professionally in various theater and joined a local drama team.

In 1999 he firstly acted on a Television Drama named “Atithi”. Chanel I broadcasted this Drama. In 2004, he started the real journey of Television Drama. A drama named Carrom agains the actress Tisha changed his career. From then he started to act on various Television Drama. He did his first mega drama named 69 and then in 420. He never had to looked back from then.

After the successful blockbuster hits of 420, he acted on Vober Hut, Ghor Kutum and several others Comedy role. His acting in Television movie has been praised in all over the world


Remarkable Deeds

Mosharrof Karim did several movies and lots of Dramas in Television.

List of Movies by Mosharraf Karim:

  1. Third Personal SingMosharraf-Karim-actor-of-bangla-natokular Number.
  2. Projapoti
  3. Television
  4. Daruchini Dip

List of Dramas by Mosharraf Karim:

  1. Jimmi
  2. Dui Rustom
  3. Antonogor
  4. Flexiload
  5. Kingkortobbobimur
  6. Out of Network
  7. Sada Golap
  8. 420
  9. Jua
  10. Sukher Oshukh
  11. Serious kothar Porer Kotha
  12. Sondhan Chai
  13. Thua
  14. Loss
  15. City Life
  16. Behind The Scene



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