Momtaz | Queen of Folk Song in Bangladesh



Full Name: Momtaz Begum
Birth Place: Manikganj, Bangladesh
Occupation: Singer, Member of Parliament
Spouse: Abdur Rashid Sarkar
Religion: Islam
Nationality: Bangladeshi

Momtaz Begum, often called The Music Queen, is undoubtedly the most popular Bangladeshi folk singer at this time. Folk songs with traditional and modern instrumental fusion with unconventional lyrics have made herself the most popular folk singer not only in just Bangladesh, but also among other Bengali speaking people around the world. Hence she has recorded around 700 albums in her just 2 decades of professional music career.


Momtaz was born and brought up in a small village named Joymontop in Singair, Manikganj. She started singing in her very early ages. She got her first music lessons from her father Modhu Boyati, who was also a singer. Then she took lessons from Matal Razzak Dewan and then from folk song teacher Abdur Rashid Sarkar with whom she tied knot later.

Early Career

Momtaz paid really hard labor to reach to this position. At the beginning of her career, she had to release albums by her own finance. When she got extreme popularity after several great albums, producers started hiring her to sing for them. At that time, she was too busy that she often didn’t get time to rehearse songs before recording. Once Momtaz stated:

I used to be handed down the lyrics and the music tracks music before and there used to be hardly any time for rehearsal and I had to record it at all in one go.



Social Works

This philanthropist folk singer never forgot the villagers of Joymontop, where she was born and brought up with extreme poverty. That’s why she build two hospitals, a 50-bed Momtaz Eye Hospital in Manikganj town in 2003 and another Momtaz Child and Eye Hospital in her native village Joymontop in 2008 in memory of her father, Modhu Bayati, who couldn’t afford a cataract operation due to his extreme poverty and lost his eyesight. Besides, she had been elected as an honorable Member of Parliament (MP) from Bangladesh Awami League on 29th march, 2009 and from then she is playing vital role in decision making for the wellbeing of the country as a member of Parliamentary Standing Committee.

Remarkable Albums

Momtaz has recorded around 700 albums. Some notable albums include:

  • Return Ticket
  • Ashol Boithoki
  • Murshider Talim
  • Ronger Bazar
  • Ak Dui Tin
  • Sonar Nupur
  • Prano Soi
  • Ish
  • Pankha
  • Nayan Tara
  • Rongila
  • Tiner Bakso
  • Phuler Mela
  • Bhalobasar Dengu Jor etc.


Momtaz has been awarded nemorous prizes for her great contribution to music. Some remarkable awards are:

  • Dhallywood Award (2009)
  • Lux Channel-I Performance Award (2008)
  • Amicus BCRA Award (2008)
  • Aporadh Bichitra Award (2008)
  • Bangladesh Cultural Reporters Association (BCRA) Award (2007)
  • Citycell Music Award (2006)
  • 3M Studio Award (2006)
  • BCF Award (2005)
  • Sako Telefilm Award (2004)
  • Television Reporters Asso. of Bangladesh (TRAB) Award (2004)
  • Desh Mati Manush Award (2004)
  • Meryl Prothom Alo Award (2003)
  • BACHSACH Award (2002)
  • Bangladesh Journalists Association (BJA) Award (2002) etc.