Joya Ahsan | The Queen of Acting

Profile:Jaya Ahsan

Name: Jaya Ahsan
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Occupation: Actress
Height: 5feet 6 inches
Religion: Islam
Spouse: Faysal Ahmed

Awards: National film award of Bangladesh, Prothom Alo awards, Dhaka International Film festival Award etc.

Jaya Hassan is one of the most popular model and actress of Bangladesh. She was born in 1st July. Her stunning beauty and brilliant acting snatched a lot of young male’s heart. She got the national film award of Bangladesh for the movie ‘Guerrilla’. Now Joya Ahsan is a name of brand in Bangladesh.

Jaya Ahsan


Joya Ahsan is the eldest girl of two sisters and a brother. Her father’s name is (late) Md. A. S. Maswood and her mother’s name is Rehana Maswood. She passed her childhood at kalabagan in Dhaka. She is a student of Agrani Balika Biddyaloy. She has a graduate degree in management and a diploma in Bengali music genre Rabindra Sangeet. In childhood, she dreamt to be a carpenter. She started her career in showbiz by the inspiration of Gulam Mustafa and Afzal Hossain. She loved to sing more than act.


When Jaya started modeling seriously, she met Faysal in that industry. The, they both fell in love each other. Soon they got married. As a renowned model, Faysal knew the life of an actor. For this reason, he supported Jaya always which helps Jaya to make a superstar.


Actually Jaya began her career with TV commercials. Her first teledrama was ‘Panchami’. Then she worked in tons of teledrama and won audience’s heart. Her debut film was ‘Bachelor’. Then she acted in a lot of films and also won the heart of silver screen viewers. But, her triumph race isn’t over yet. Recently she acted in an Indian movie and no need to say that she also won their hearts too. But, most amazing news is she is the only ambassador of Bangladesh who invited in Cannes Film Festival.


Joya make her achievement list larger than larger. But, till now she keeps her feet on the grass. That’s why people love her so much.

Joya Ahsan


  • Joya AhsanThe list of Jaya Ahsan’s acted films:
  • Bachelor (2004)
  • Dubshatar (2010)
  • Firey Esho Behula (2011)
  • Guerrilla (2011)
  • Chorabali (2012)
  • Aborto (2013)

Drama (serials)

  • Amader Choto Nodi
  • Dorjar Opashe
  • Labbonno Probha
  • Mone Mone
  • Neer
  • Polayon Porbo
  • Sixty Nine (69)
  • Shongshoy
  • Shonkhobash
  • Manush Badal
  • Choita pagol

Drama (Non-serials)

  • Americana
  • No mans land
  • Tebhag
  • Off Beat
  • Tarporo angurlata nandoke valobase
  • Jononir kanna
  • Panjabiwala
  • Tarpor paruler din
  • Maya athoba mrittur galpo
  • Ferar poth nei, chilo na kono kale
  • Obak sondesh
  • Bikol pakhir gan
  • Bhalobashi tai, bhalobeshe jai
  • Amader Golpo