James | The Guru of Rock Music in Bangladesh



Name: Faruq Mahfuz Anam (James)
Hometown: Chittagong
Occupation: Musician
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Bands: Feelings, Nagar Baul

Faruq Mahfuz Anam is commonly known as James. He is a pioneer rock musician of Bangladesh. He is the lead guitarist and vocal of the renowned band ‘Nagar Baul’. He is very popular in the Bangladesh as well as India too. His numerous fans called him ‘Guru’ with honor. Here is a short bio of his life.


James hometown is Chittagong. He was bought up there. His father was the Chairman of Chittagong education board. James loved music since his very childhood. As a boy of educated family, he never got any support from his family to continue music as career. As a result he quit home when he was only a class-eight student! Then, he started to pass his life in Aziz Boarding, Chittagong. This dormitory turned his life around in a few years. Here he met some musicians of a band called ‘Feelings’. After some days, he got the position of lead guitarist and vocal of ‘Feelings’.


James is too much popular in this sub-continent, especially Bangladesh and India. He is the most successful musician in Bangladesh till now. His first album was ‘Station Road’ from his band ‘Feelings’ in 1987.His first solo album was ‘Anonna’. He got huge success in those albums. Then, he didn’t need to turn back in his career. He made a lot of songs, released numerous albums and got massive success every time.

In the year of 2000, he and his team create a new band named “Nagar Baul” instead of “Feelings”.
JamesJames studio albums are:
  • Station Road (1987, under the name ‘Feelings’)
  • Jail Theke Bolchhi (1990, ‘Feelings’)
  • Nogor Baul (1996, ‘Feelings’)
  • Lais Fita Lais (1998, ‘Feelings’)
  • Dushtu Chheler Dol (2001)
  • Collection of Feelings (1999) (compilation album)

James solo albums are


  • Anonna (1988)
  • Palabe Kothai (1995)
  • Dukkhini Dukkho Korona (1997)
  • Thik Achhe Bondhu (1999)
  • Ami Tomader E Lok (2003)
  • Jonota Express (2005)
  • Toofan (2006)
  • Kal Jomuna (2009)

James is also passing a good time in Bollywood. As a Bengali singer, he was popular in Calcutta from 1990’s. In 2005, he first sang a Hindi song in 2005 for the movie ‘Gangster’. This was a massive hit song and got the top position for 1 month in Bollywood. Then, he sang four more songs and every song gets the success. James also became an idol-singer in India. His last song named ‘Bebasi’ is also a blockbuster hit song.

  • Bheegi Bheegi in Gangstar (2005)
  • Chal Chalei in Woh Lamhe (2006)
  • Rishtey and Alvida in Life in a Metro (2007)
  • Bebasi in Warning (2013)

Modeling & TV shows

James also did some modeling tasks from the year of 2000. He started his modeling with Pepsi. Then, he again acted in an energy drinks TV commercial named ‘Black Horse’.

James acted in a Bollywood movie name “Life in a metro” in a short character.


James is a co-owner of a production house named “Red Dot Entertainment”. This production house produces some popular shows and advertisement. Some of these are:

  • Beautiful Bangladesh for ICC world cup 2011
  • De Rockstar 2
  • Lux Channel-i Superstar
  • Ke Hote Chay Kotipoti



James has two daughters named Jannat and Jahaan and a boy named Danesh . He got divorced with his first wife Rothi in 2002. Then he again married Ms. Sazzadi.



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