Iresh Zaker | A True Bangladeshi Idol

Iresh Zaker

Iresh Zaker

Name: Iresh Zaker
Birthdate: 6th November, 1976
Occupation: Business, Actor
Parents: Aly Zaker & Sara Zaker
Hobby: Photography
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Religion: Islam

Iresh Zaker is a glorious celebrity of Bangladesh. Though he comes from a legendary family, he creates a new image of his own by his own merit. He is not only an actor but also the Executive Director of Asiatic JWT Ltd.


Iresh didn’t stay in Bangladesh a plenty of time in his childhood. He went to USA for completing his education. Before going to USA, he stayed with his parents.


Iresh Zaker completed his school-level education from Scholastica at Dhaka in Bangladesh. Then he moved to USA and admitted into Grinnell College at Grinnell, Iowa. After that, he went to Appleton in Wisconsin and finished his graduation from Lawrence University at Economics, Anthropology and Math. He completed his M.Sc in Development Economics at University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign.

Iresh Zaker

Iresh Zaker


Iresh Zaker is a different minded person than many other people. He could make a grand career in USA, but he didn’t do that and came to his country after completing his education. He is now busy with his company Asiatic Ltd, an advertising agency in Bangladesh. He also acts in dramas in special occasion. He anchors a TV show too, named Deshi Golpo.

His acted dramas & Telefilms are:

  • Ami Tumi o Rashi Chokro
  • Biyer Por Ornober Ki Hobe
  • Sholpo Doirgho Pechali
  • Talk Show
  • Chilli Chocolate
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Kobir Jonno Patri Khoja Hochse
  • Bou
  • Ami o Amar
  • Shironamheen
  • Kajoler Din-Ratri
  • Litmus
  • X-factor
  • X-factor 2
  • Ekti Oporadh Bishoyok Kolpona
  • Kalo Shutoy Bona Jaal
  • Shesh Duty
  • Talkshow Master
  • Duto Raat Pasha-pashi


  • Amader Golpo
  • Impossible 5
  • 18 All Time Dourer Upor

TV Show

  • Desh-e Golpo

Personal Life

Iresh Zaker isn’t married yet. He just wants his liberty and enjoy the life what he is leading now. Being a son of legendary parents, it’s tough to create a new image of himself. But he successfully did that.

Iresh Zaker

Iresh Zaker