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Imdadul Haq Milon

Imdadul Haq Milon

Name: Imdadul Haq Milon
Father’s name: Giyasuddin Khan
Mother’s Name: Anowarra Begum
Homeland: Bikrampur
Born: 8th September, 1955
Occupation: Author, editor, columnist, TV personality
Award: Bangla Academy Award

Imdadul Haq Milon is a poplur novelist and writer in Bangladesh. He has written almost 200 books. He got popularity in every sector he worked, like story, novel and drama. He is now working as an acting-editor of Kaler Kantho. He has gotten various awards till now with Bangla Academy Award too.


Imdadul Haq Milon was born in 8th September, 1955. He was born at Medinimondol village in Bikrampur. His homeland is Louhojong thana, Bikrampur. His father’s name is Giyasuddin Khan Mother’s name is Anowarra Begum. He spent his whole childhood with his grandmother in Bikrampur.


After passing his childhood at Bikrampur, he went to Gendaria, Dhaka and admitted into Gendaria High School. After completing his SSC from this school in 1972, he completed his HSC in 1974 and Graduation in 1979 from Jagannath University. After completing his graduation, he went to Germany to higher study.


He is a born-writer who started writing from early age. After completing his SSC examination, he wrote his first story “Bondhu” in 1973. Then, he completed his first novel ‘Jabojjibon’ which was published in “Uttoradhikar” magazine. After completing his higher study from Germany, he came back to Bangladesh and wrote his one of the best novels “Poradhinota”.


Till now Imdadul Haq Milon has written ton of novels and stories. Now he is a TV personality too in a talk show named “Ki kotha tahar sone”. But, he passed his most of the time as an editor of “Kaler Kantho” newspaper.

He is too popular not only Bangladesh but also Kolkata too. Mainly he got popularity by his novel “Nurjahan” which was heavily applauded to all Bengalis.


Imdadul Haq Milon’s most renowned works are:


  • Desh Vager Por (After the division of the country)
  • Neta Je Rate Nihoto Holen (The night the leader was assassinated)

Based on liberation war

  • Kalo Ghora (The Black Horse)
  • Gherao


  • Jabojjibon (Lifelong, written in 1976, published in 1990)
  • Nodi Upakhyan (The Story of River, 1985)
  • Bhumiputro (A Son of the Soil, 1985)
  • Kalakal (Proper or Improper Time, 985)
  • Poradhinota (Subgugation, 1985)
  • Rupnagor (A Place of Love, 1988)
  • Rajakartontro (Time of the Collaborators, 1990)

    Imdadul Haq Milon

    Imdadul Haq Milon


  • Noorjahan-1
  • Noorjahan-2
  • Valobashar Sukh Duk
  • O Radha O Krisna (O Radha! O Krisna!) in 1977 (published in 1982)
  • Duhkho Kasto (Pains and Sufferings) in 1978 (published in 1982)
  • Uponayok (The Second Hero) in 1979 (published in 1990)


Imdadul Haq Milon is awarded a lot of times. He has a showcase full of awards. Some of his renowned awards are:

  • The World Astrological Association Award (1986)
  • Echo Literary Award (1987)
  • Humayun Qadir Literary Award (1992)
  • Bangla Academy Award (1992)
  • Purabi Padak (1993)
  • Bijoy Padak (1994)
  • Manu Theatre Padak (1995)
  • Jai Jai Din Patrika Award (1995)
  • Dhaka Juba Foundation Padak (1996)