Hason Raja | A Legendary Poet and Songwriter of Bangladesh

Full name: Dewan Hason Raja Chowdhury
Nick Name: Hason Raja
Lifetime: 21 December 1854 – 6 December 1922
Birthplace: Teghoria, Lokkhonshmri, Shunamganj
Father: Dewan Ali Raja Chowdhury
Mother: Mosammat Hurmot Jan Bibi
Spouses: Ajija Banu, Borjan Bibi, Shajeda Banu, Jobeda Khatun, Lobjan Chowdhury
Occupation: Landlord, poet, songwriter, composer
Religion: Islam
Nationality: Bangladeshi

Hason Raja

Hason Raja

Hason Raja is a legendary poet, mystic philosopher, folk song writer and composer. He is an internationally recognized person. Nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore mentioned him in his lectures at Oxford University. He was a great philosopher and his songs are full with philosophy too.

Hason Raja was born on 21 December 1854 at Teghoria in Shunamganj. He was the son of Dewan Ali Raja. He passed his childhood in Shunamganj with his mother Mosammat Hurmot Jan Bibi. In his very childhood, his father was died and after forty days his step brother was also died. So, he got the power of a vast area in a little age.


Hason Raja

Hason Raja

According to his ancestors, Hason Raja learned Arabic at first and then learned Bengali. In that era, there were no privileges of learning English education. So he couldn’t learn that, but he contributed to build many schools, colleges and madrasha in his area. Shunamganj Jubilee High School & College is one of them.

Hason Raja wrote some books. These are:

  • Shoukhin Bahar
    Wrote in 1865 – 1869
    Published in 1931 by his son Goniur Raja
  • Hason Bahar
    wrote in 1872 – 1914
    Published in 1907 by himself and second edition published in 1924 by his son Goniur Raja

Rumor goes that Hason Rasa wrote more than thousand songs in his tribal language. Some popular songs are:

  • Loke bole bolero ghor bari valo na amar
  • Shona bondhe amare dewana banailo
  • Moron kotha shmoron hoilo na Hason Raja tor
  • Ami jaimure jaimu Allahr shonge
  • Ekdin tor hoibe re moron re Hason Raja
Hason Raja

Hason Raja