Hasan Masud | A Multi Talented Actor of Bangladesh

Hasan Masud

Hasan Masud

Name: Hasan Masud
Occupation: Actor, Journalist, Ex-militaries
Religion: Islam
Nationality: Bangladeshi

Hasan Masud is one of those actors who can set viewers in front of TV set hours after hours. He started his career at Military, then he shifted to journalism and after that he is now a full time actor and freelance-journalist. His stunning personality and honest mentality attract everybody.


He brought up at Ajimpur, Dhaka in Bangladesh. Then he went to Islamabad for his father’s job. He saw the devastating look of the liberation war in 1971. In 1973, he came to Bangladesh and stayed here.


Hasan Masud completed his primary and secondary education from Nobokumar Institute, Dhaka. He completed his higher secondary degree from Titumeer College, Dhaka. He took his graduation from Military Academy. He also took a five years course from Chhayanaut at Nazrul Geeti.


Hasan Masud has already passed a colorful career almost. He was an army captain-turned-journalist-turned-actor. He started his career at military as a second lieutenant after completing his higher secondary in 1983. He resigned from military in 1992 and joined the Daily New Nation as a journalist.

Hasan Masud

Hasan Masud

After two and half years, he left the Daily New Nation in 1995 and joined with the Daily Star. In 2004, he joined with BBC World Service. He worked at BBC for four years and at last he finished his career as a professional journalist. But he is a familiar face in television from 2004 and he takes acting as his occupation now.



In 2004, He met with Mostofa Sorowar Farooqi in front of Aziz Market, Dhaka. Then Farooqi offered him to be a part of his next movie ‘Bachelor’. Farooqi is the person who first discovered the acting power of Hasan Masud.

From then, Hasan Masud has acted in tons of dramas. He also acted in TVCs for various companies. He released some solo albums too! Here we publish a list where he acted, but it isn’t the complete list.


  • Bad Luck
  • Graduate
  • Mobile Chor
  • Prem Eshe Jachse
  • Shongshar Shomachar
  • Time Bomb
  • Shunchen Ekjon Radio Jockey’r Golpo
  • (a+b)² = a²-2ab+b² (Promanito)
  • Boro Lok Hote Chai
  • 420 Moholla
  • Chirokumar Shongho
  • Bibek
  • Click Click
  • Kala Ghor
  • Niyog Potro
  • Olotpalot
  • Housefull
  • Ke Je Ki
  • Ana Ana Pai Pai
  • 69
  • Taxi Driver
  • Bou
  • Bhagfol
  • Tiner Tolowar
  • Auto Service
  • Prottaborton
  • Boroder Bibaho Shastro
  • Gorur Daktar Abdul Ahad
  • Golmaal
  • Birat Goru Sagoler Hut
  • Mobile Chor
  • Khunshuti
  • Megher Velay Beshe Jabo Aj
  • Joler Majhe Bonoful
  • Dari Chara Majhi
  • Muri Khaile Thonga Free
  • Free Kick
  • Shu-Patrer Shondhane
  • Gurumukhi Bidya
  • Oh My God
  • In Highway
  • Mon Paboner Nao
  • Bajare Dhol
  • Neer Khoje Gaangchil
  • Gontro Jomoj
  • Tiger Vai
  • Biggapon O Manusher Golpo
  • Ridoyer Ayna
  • Tritiyo Pokkho
  • Idiots
  • Preeti preeti
  • Boka Goyenda
  • Golir Morey CD’r Dokan
  • Kingkortobbo Bimur
  • Lotto Lottery
  • American Dream
  • Ronger Duniya
  • Amader Shongshar
  • Batasher Ghor
  • Tahar Namti Jontrona


  • Bachelor (Mostofa Sarwar Farooqi)
  • Made in Bangladesh (Mostofa Sarwar Farooqi)
  • Chhotto Shongshar (Montajur Rahman Akbor)
  • Shouvaggo (F. I Manik) – Not released yet
Hasan Masud

Hasan Masud