Hanif Sanket | A Great Entertainer of Bangladesh

Name: Hanif Sanket
Born: 1957
Occupation: TV Presenter, Entertainer, Writer, Producer
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Award: Ekushey Padak

Hanif Sanket

Hanif Sanket

Hanif Sanket is the most famous media personality in Bangladesh. He is the best entertainer Bangladesh has ever had. His fun show “Ittadi” is also the best TV program in Bangladesh undoubtedly.


Hanif Sanket started his career by the popular fun show program “Jodi Kisu Mone Na Koren” by Late Fajle Lohani. Then, he directed his own program “Ittyadi” and made the boom in media.




Ittyadi is mainly focused the social activities of our daily life with fun. It shows the social disorders, human problems, natural abuse etc. This program can reach the roots of our country and that’s why it gets popularity so much to the massive people.

Last few episodes Hanif Sanket arranged this program in our historical locations around the country such as Dhaka’s Nagar Bhaban, Lalbagh Kella, Ahsan Manzil, Jatiya Shangsad Bhaban, Comilla’s Shalbon Bihar, Tajhat Zamindar Bari and Bogra Mahastangarh. The main intention of the attempt is show the next generation about our reach heritage.

Hanif Sanket

Hanif Sanket


Hanif Sanket has got a lot of awards till now. He got Ekushey Padak in 2010. But, the most important achievement in his life is the heartiest love of Bangladeshi people.