Habib Wahid | The Most Popular Bangladeshi Musician

Habib Wahid

Habib Wahid

Habibul Wahid is mostly popular as Habib Wahid. He is the most popular musician and composer to the youth in Bangladesh. Habib was born October 15,, 1979 in Dhaka. He usually makes traditional folk music with urban music. He mixes traditional Bengali folk song and urban remix in his song.

Habib Wahid


Habib was born in Dhaka. Then, he also brought up in this city. South Breeze School is his school where he completed his primary education. Habib is a son of famous pop singer Ferdous Wahid, who was one of the most popular pop singers in 1970s to 1980s. After taking his primary lesson, Habib went to London to acquire more knowledge about music because from the childhood he wants to become a singer. So that he admitted into School of Audio Engineering in London.

Habib Wahid




Habib is a successful musician in Bangladesh. He released his first album in 2003 named “Krishno”. It was a hit album that helps him to influence releasing more albums. Then, he had released few albums more in the recent few years. These albums are:

  • Maya (2004)
  • Moyna Go (2005)
  • Shono (2006)
  • Panjabiwala (2007)
  • Bolchi Tomake (2008)
  • Obosheshe (2008)
  • Shadhin (2012)

Habib also made some popular jingles recent years. He jingled for Banglalink, Citycell, Pran-up, Meril Beauty Soap and many more.

He is a popular composer in Bangladesh. He is composed some renowned movies in the last few years. These are:

  • Hridoyer Kotha
  • Akash Chowa Bhalobasha
  • Chandragrohon
  • I Love You
  • Eito Prem
  • Third Person Singular Number
  • Amar Ache Jol

Habib performed in a concert at Melbourne on 26 May, 2012 and Sydney on 3 Jun, 2012.


Habib married Rehan Chowdhury on 12th October, 2012. She was born in Saudi Arabia and now Master’s student of a private university of Bangladesh. It was Habib’s secong marriage. He got divorced in 2003 from his first wife.

Habib Wahid Marriage

Habib Wahid Marriage


Habib got a lot of awards in his career till now. The most renowned awards are:

  1. Best album award 2006 for “Shono”
  2. Best song award 2006 for “valobashbo”
  3. Best album award 2008 for “Bolchi tomake”
  4. Best song award 2009 for “didha”
  5. Best album award 2010 for “Projapoti”
  6. Walton Boishakhi Star Award in 2011
  7. Citycell Award 2012
  8. National Award in 2013