Golam Maula Rony | The Man Who Raised His Voice Against Own Party


Golam Maula Rony

Golam Maula Rony

Name: Golam Maula Rony
Occupation: Business, Politician
Home District: Faridpur
Father: Shamsul Hoque Munshi
Spouce: Kamrunnahar

Golam Maula Rony is a politician leader of Bangladesh. He is current Member of the Parliament. He is one of the most popular politicians in Bangladesh. A craze creates for him to the people of Bangladesh because of his straight forward words against all political leaders as with as his political party too. He is the 1st MP in Bangladesh who went through jail when he is member of current Parliament.


Golam Maula Rony was born at Chorvadrashon village in Shodorpur thana in Faridpur. He passed his childhood in this village. His family wasn’t enough solvent. In the year of 1974, his family shifted to Potuakhali, Barishal from Faridpur for a better living.


Golam Mawla Rony completed his primary education from Foridpur. Then, his family moved to Barishal and he passed SSC form Potuakhali, Barishal. Aftter that, for higher study he came to Dhaka, completed HSC from Dhaka College. Then, he admitted into Dhaka University and completed his Graduation at Law. He also got fellowship degree from Chicago, United States of America.


Golam Maula Rony

Golam Maula Rony


Golam Maula Rony is mainly a businessman. He has a lot of businesses. He is the CEO of Saybolt group. Saybolt Group is his largest business. He also has an online news portal named “dnewsbd.com”. But, his main profession is serving the people of Potuakhali. He is an honorable Member of Parliament who elected from Potuakhali-3.

He is the most common face in every channel’s political talk show. TV Channels also want him because he always speaks straightly against all powerful political people. For this reason, he is one of the most popular politicians in Bangladesh right now.


Already we told that he is the 1st Member of Parliament who entered into Jail when his own party dominates the country. The charge against him is he had beaten two journalists when they stayed in his office for getting some bribery news of Rony. He was charged by three cases and sent to Kashimpur Jail. He got bailed after passing 53 days in jail.

He always refused this issue and said that he is charged by his own Government because, he raised his voice against all corruptions of his own party. Actually this incident came to him as bless. Most of the people second him for his strong position against corruption.

FamilyGolam Maula Rony

Golam Maula Rony got married in early age. After passing his SSC, he got married with his classmate named Kamrunnahar and eloped to Dhaka. They have two boys and one girl now.