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Momtaz | Queen of Folk Song in Bangladesh

Momtaz | Queen of Folk Song in Bangladesh

Full Name: Momtaz Begum Birth Place: Manikganj, Bangladesh Occupation: Singer, Member of Parliament Spouse: Abdur Rashid Sarkar Religion: Islam Nationality: Bangladeshi Momtaz Begum, often called The Music Queen, is undoubtedly the most popular Bangladeshi folk singer at this time. Folk songs with traditional and modern instrumental fusion with unconventional lyrics have made herself the most

Kumar Bishwajit

Kumar Bishwajit | Prominent Singer of Bangladesh Music Industry

Name: Kumar Bishwajit Nickname: Tultul Birthdate: 1st June Born Place: Chittagong Profession: Singer, Tuner, Composer Nationality: Bangladeshi Religion: Hinduism Kumar Bishwajit is a great singer of Bangladesh. He is such a singer who keeps his popularity from 30 years. He is a favorite singer of all age’s people in Bangladesh. He has got hundreds of

anusheh anadil

Anusheh Anadil – Beautiful Bangladeshi Folk Singer

Name: Anusheh Anadil Origin: Dhaka, Bangladesh Occupation: Singer, Lyricist, Entrepreneur Music Genre: Bangla Folk, Lalon Geeti Associated Band: Bangla Anusheh Anadil is an outspoken and popular Bangladeshi folk music artist who has popularized the fusion of traditional rural songs with western rock music, giving them a new life. Her deep, powerful voice has made her

Bappa Mazumder

Bappa Mazumder | Famous Singer in Bangladesh

Full Name: Shubhashish Mazumder Bappa Birth Date: 5th February, 1972 Occupation: Singer, Composer Religion: Hinduism Spouse: Mehbooba Mahnoor Chandni Shubhashish Mazumder Bappa, better known as Bappa Mazumder or Bappa Da, is one of the most popular singers, lyricists and music composers in contemporary Bengali music. He is very much famous for his romantic melody composition