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Saju Khadem

Saju Khadem | Popular Media Celebrity of Bangladesh

Saju Khadem | Popular Media Celebrity of Bangladesh

Name: Saju Khadem Occupation: Actor, Director Nationality: Bangladeshi Saju Khadem is a popular artist of Bangladeshi media. He came to the media with his innovative idea “Volar Diary”, which was a dialogue-less TV series casted in 2000 in ETV channel that gave him the ultimate success in first move. Education Saju Khadem was born in

Opi Karim

Opi Karim | Popular Drama Actress of Bangladesh

Full Name: Opi Karim Birth Date: 1st May Height: 5.5″ Education: Bachelor of Architecture Profession: Actress Years Active: 1990s-Present Religion: Islam Nationality: Bangladeshi Opi Karim is, no doubt, one of the most gorgeous and pretty faces of Bangladeshi media.  With her outstanding acting power and powerful appearance, she has made a strong position in Bangladeshi

sara zaker

Sara Zaker | Famous Bangladeshi TV & Theatre Actress and Social Activist

Full Name: Sara Zaker Birth Date: 21st October, 1954 Occupation: Actor, Entrepreneur Hobby: Watching Movies, Gossiping Spouse: Aly Zaker Religion: Islam Nationality: Bangladeshi Sara Zaker is a popular TV and theatre actress and social activist from Bangladesh. She is mostly renowned for her raised voice against social injustice and corruption. This powerful social activist is

ali zaker

Aly Zaker | Versatile Bangladeshi TV & Theatre Icon

Full Name: Aly Zaker Birth Date: 6th November, 1944 Birth Place: Chittagong, Bangladesh Occupation: Actor, Director, Businessman Hobby: Cycling, Photography Spouse: Sara Zaker Religion: Islam Nationality: Bangladeshi Aly Zaker is a colossal figure in the area of Bangladeshi TV drama and theatres. He also played a vital role in the Bangladesh’s liberation war of 1971

Suborna Mustafa

Suborna Mustafa | A Dedicated Actress of Bangladeshi Media

Name: Suborna Mustafa Born: 2 December, 1959 Occupation: Actress, Director Spouse(s): Humayun Faridi (1984 – 2008) & Badrul Anam Soud (2008- Present) Education: MA in English from Dhaka University Nationality: Bangladeshi Religion: Islam Suborna Mustafa is a well-known Bangladeshi actress. She is a familiar face of Bangladeshi dramas and movies. She has almost done hundreds

Humayun Faridi

Humayun Faridi | Versatile Actor of Bangladesh

Full name: Humayun Faridi Birth Date: 29th May, 1952 Birth Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh Occupation: Actor Years Active: 1952-2012 Spouse: Minu (1980-1984), Suborna Mustafa (1984-2008) Nationality: Bangladeshi Humayn Faridi is a versatile and arguably the best actor in Bangladesh. He had acted in hundreds of Bangladeshi dramas, movies and theaters and got positive responses, even from