Bipasha Kabir | Most Popular Item Girl of Bangladesh

Name: Bipasha Kabir
Birth Place: Noakhali
Occupation: Actress
Nationality: Bangladeshi

Bipasha Kabir

Bipasha Kabir

Bipasha Kabir is the most popular item girl in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi film industry is now interested to keep an item song in movie, so they need many item girls for these songs. Bipasha Kabir is an automatic choice to the film directors because of her stunning beauty and fascinating figure.


Bipasha Kabir was born in Noakhali. She is a student of Asia Pacific University at Civil Engineering.


Bipasha Kabir came to the limelight of media when she performed in Lux Channel i Superstar 2009. From then, she is engaged with film industry and performed in some movies too. She is mostly famous for item songs and she also loves to do it.

Bipasha Kabir first performed in Shahin Shumon’s movie “Valobashar Rong”. Then she has performed in Momotazur Rahman Akbar’s “Tobuo Valobashi”, Shahin Shumon’s “Onnyorokom Valobasha”, Raju Chowdhury’s “Romeo 2013”, Jakir Hossain Raju’s “Er Beshi Valobasha Jay Na”, Shahin Shumon’s “Jotil Prem”, Bodiul Alom Khokon’s “Nishpap Munna and lots more.

Bipasha Kabir

Bipasha Kabir

Item Songs

  • Valobashar Rong; directed by Shahin Shumon
  • Tobuo Valobashi; directed by Momotazur Rahman’s Akbar
  • Onnyorokom Valobasha; directed by Shahin Shumon
  • Romeo 2013; directed by Raju Chowdhury
  • Er Beshi Valobasha Jay Na; directed by Jakir Hossain Raju
  • Jotil Prem; directed by Shahin Shumon
  • Nishpap Munna; directed by Bodiul Alom Khokon

Bipasha Kabir isn’t only an item girl. She has also acted in some movies including Jakir Hossain Raju’s “Poramon”. She has already finished her upcoming movie “Zero Theke Hero” by Shahin Shumon. Now she is signed for two more movies. These are:


  • Sorry Madam; produced by Meena Films
  • Pothkoli; produced by  Judge Media

Bipasha Kabir is also performed in some dramas. Her notable dramas are:


  • Tobuo Protikkhay; directed by Irani Bishwash
  • Jolsap; directed by Himu Akram
  • Shomikoron; directed by Alvi Ahmed
  • Ar Jabo Na Everest ; directed by Shahriar Najim Joy
  • Nil Chokhe Josna Raat; directed by Md. Bodiul
  • Fifty Fifty; directed by Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi
  • Mohollar Vai; directed by Akhtaruzzaman.

    Bipasha Kabir

    Bipasha Kabir