Bappa Mazumder | Famous Singer in Bangladesh

Bappa Mazumder

Bappa Mazumder

Full Name: Shubhashish Mazumder Bappa

Birth Date: 5th February, 1972

Occupation: Singer, Composer

Religion: Hinduism

Spouse: Mehbooba Mahnoor Chandni

Shubhashish Mazumder Bappa, better known as Bappa Mazumder or Bappa Da, is one of the most popular singers, lyricists and music composers in contemporary Bengali music. He is very much famous for his romantic melody composition and has successfully touched the hearts of thousands of music lovers in Bangladesh and abroad.


Bappa Mazumder is the son of renowned music couple Ustad Barin Mazumder and Ila Mazumder. He got his initial training on classical music from his father. About his musical background, once Bappa said,

“I took a five-year course in classical music at Monihar Sangeet Academy (a music school established by his father Barin Mazumder). However, I don’t feel my training in classical music is adequate and that’s why I haven’t pursued that genre of music.”

Bappa Mazumder

Bappa Mazumder



He, along with Sanjib Chowdhury, formed the band Dalchhut in 1996, which was the pioneer band in popularizing the genre “Folk-Fusion” in Bangladesh. From its formation, Bappa is singing and launching albums separately for himself and his band. Now-a-days, he remains very busy with live concerts and has already performed in hundreds of live concerts in both Bangladesh and abroad. In recent years, this talented singer has not only composed for himself and his band, but also for other popular and emerging musicians like Arnob, Mila,Kona, Sumon (Bassbaba), Fuad, Elita, etc. Besides, he had also been an anchor in a music based talk show, namely The One, telecasted on Channel One.

Solo Albums:

His remarkable solo albums include:

  • Tokhon Vor Bela (1996)
  • Kothao Keu Nei (1998)
  • Rater Train (1999)
  • Dhulo Pora Chithi (2001)
  • Kodin Porei Chute (2003)
  • Rat Prohori (2004)
  • Din Bari Jay (2006)
  • Surjo Snane Chol (2008)
  • Beche Thak Shobuj (2012) etc.

Personal Life:

Bappa da is very secular too. Though he was born and brought up in a Hindu family, he had a sweet relationship with gorgeous model, actress and dancer Mehbooba Mahnoor Chandni and got married with her on 21st March, 2008.

bappa mazumder

bappa mazumder