Ayub Bachchu- Legendary Name in the History of Bangladeshi Band Music

ayub bachchuAyub Bachchu, mostly known as AB, is the famous Bangladeshi rock musician, singer, songwriter and most importantly he is the founder and the leader of his rock band LRB.  AB was born in 16th August, 1962 in Chittagong. He is one of the finest guitarist in Bangladesh and with his tremendous fan acceptance, he is now very famous among all the Bangladeshi young-old-adolescent.

Early Life & Career

Ayub Bachchu started his music career from his birth place, Chittagong, with the band Feelings in 1978. Then he joined the band Souls as a lead guitarist in 1980. AB left Souls after 10 years of practice for perfection and then formed his own band titled L.R.B. in 1991. This L.R.B. was initially stands for Little River Band, but as there was already a band with the same name, Bachchu changed it to Love Runs Blind.  Do you know that LRB is the first in the Bangladeshi band history which released two double albums!!! In addition, his 3rd solo album “Kosto”, which was released in 1995, is the second largest selling album in Bangladesh till date. He has mastered in a lot of guitar techniques including harmonics, legato, whammy effects, cross-handed and right handed tapping etc.



Other Works

In addition to being a fascinating musician and composer, AB also worked as music director for late Khalid Hasan Milu, Late Shaikh Ishtiaqe, Topon Chowdhury, Alam Ara Minu, Rupom and others. He also appeared as a judge in DRockstar 1, Benson and Hedges Star Search 1 and 2, and IIM Joka ‘Rock Fest’ (India). This legendary musician has a music studio named AB Kitchen at Mogbazar, Dhaka. This really great musician has devoted himself to promote all the instrument players and make instrument playing more popular in Bangladesh.

ayub bachchu

Health Issue

This legendary musician was admitted to a private hospital in November 27, 2012 due to accretion of water in lungs. But by the grace of God, he recovered from his serious illness.

Ayub  Bachchu’s Solo Albums

  • Rakto Golap (1986)
  • Moyna (1989)
  • Kosto (1995)
  • Shomoy (1998)
  • Eka (1999)
  • Prem Tumi Ki? (2000)
  • Duti Mon (2002)
  • Kafela (2002)
  • Prem Premer Moto (2003)
  • Pother Gaan (2004)
  • Vaatir Gaane Maatir Taane (2006)
  • Jibon (2006)
  • Sound of Silence (instrumental) (2007)
  • Rimjhim Brishti (2008)
  • Bolini Kokhono (2009)