Asaduzzaman Nur | An Honorable Actor and Political Leader

Asaduzzaman Nur

Asaduzzaman Nur

Asaduzzaman Nur is a popular TV actor and political leader. Mainly he gets the popularity from acting in media. He is a popular face of Bangladesh Television. He got the booster in his career when he acted in the character of “Baker Vai” which was a leading role of “Kothao Keu Nei” directed by Humayun Ahmed.


Asaduzzaman Nur started his career in 1973 in the largest theatre named “Nagorik”. He also worked for “Chitraly” paper where he had to take interview of the popular actors. His first TV drama was “Ronger Fanush” which was directed by Abdullah Al Mamun. He has acted in hundreds of dramas and serials. His notable dramas are:


  • Kothao Keu Nei
  • Priyo Podo Rekha (Momtazuddin, Abul Khayer)
  • Shudhui Tomarei Jani ()
  • Oronne Ekoda Rochona (Bipasha Hayat 1997)
  • Ei Shomoye Shei Shob Manushera (Mosharraf Karim)
  • Kanagoli (Lucky Enam)
  • Bou Kotha Kou (Mamunur Rashid, Amzad Hossain)
  • Mrittur Opare (Afsana Mimi)
  • Himu Plus Baker Vai (Mosharraf Karim)
  • Ujan Sroter Jatri (Afroza Banu, Iresh Zaker)
  • Ghotona Shamanno (Abul Hayat, Zahid Hassan 2001)
  • Joto Dure Jai (Ferdousi Mojumder, Ramendro Mojumder, Toukir)
  • Oyomoy (Shuborno Mostofa, Abul Hayat, Abul Khayer)
  • Momotaz Uddiner Kul Nai Kinar Nai (Afzal, Shuborna)
  • Ei Shob Din Ratri (Lota, Dilara Zaman1986)
  • Gaach Manush (Ali Zaker, Sara Zaker 1996)
  • Nil Toyale (Jahid Hassan, Shawon, Pijush)
  • Robindronath Er Char Oddhay (Nuna Afroz, Najma Anwar)
  • Ochena Shohor (Doly Juhur, Bipasha Hayat 1999)
Asaduzzaman Nur

Asaduzzaman Nur

Asaduzzaman Nur has also acted in some popular movies. These are:



  • Shonkhonil Karagar (1992)
  • Aguner Poroshmoni (1995)
  • Chandrakotha (2003)
  • Daruchini Deep (2007)
  • Noy Nombor Bipod Shongket (2007)

Asaduzzaman Nur was an automatic choice of renowned writer and director Humayun Ahmed. His most famous movies and dramas were directed by Humayun Ahmed. They were close friend too.

Asaduzzaman Nur’s another big step is a game show named “Ke Hote Chay Kotipoti”. He was the host of this game show. This program was telecasted at Desh TV.

Political Career

Asaduzzaman Nur involved with politics from his student life. He has passed a glorious political career which began at 1962. He was a freedom fighter too under the sector – 6 in Bangladesh Liberation War, 1971. Now he is the Member of Parliament from Nilfamary. He was elected from Nilfamari district in 2001 and 2008.


Asaduzzaman Nur got Shohid Munir Chowdhury Award in 2006.


Asaduzzaman Nur

Asaduzzaman Nur