Arifa Parvin Moushumi | Superstar Heroine of Bangladesh

Full Name: Arifa Parvin Moushumi
Nick Name: Moushumi
Father: Nazmuzzaman Moni
Mother: Shamim Akter Jahan
Birth Date: 3rd November
Birth Place: Khulna, Bangladesh
Education: Bachelor of Arts
Occupation: Modeling, Acting and Directing
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Omar Sunny


Arifa Parvin Moushumi mostly known as Moushumi,who is a big star of Bangladesh. She has performed in more than 150 films in her career. She has also directed two movies yet. She got married with Bangladeshi cinema hero Omar Sunny.


Moushumi’s father is Nazmuzzaman Moni and mother Shamim Akter Jahan. She has two siblings, Snigdha and Erin. She completed BA degree successfully.


Moushumi began her career in early age. She got the media limelight when she won the Anonda Bichittra Photo Beauty Contest. She got many TV commercials offers and finally moved to film line in 1993.




  • Keyamat Thake Keyamat (1993) Co-artist: Salman Shah.
  • Dola (1994), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Atmohongkar (1994), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Sneho (1994), Co-artist: Salman Shah.
  • Prothom prem (1994), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Denmohor (1994), Co-artist: Salman Shah.
  • Ontore ontore (1994), Co-artist: Salman Shah.
  • Bidrohi bodhu(1995), Co-artist: Bapparaj.
  • Muktir shongram (1995), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Harano prem (1995), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Vangchur (1995), Co-artist: Rubel and Ilias Kanchon.
  • Swajan (1995), Co-artist: Rubel and Ilias Kanchon.
  • Shesh khela (1995), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Attmotag (1995), Co-artist: Amit Hasan.
  • Bisswo premik (1995), Co-artist: Rubel.
  • Goriber raani (1996), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Prio tumi (1996), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Rakkhosh (1996), Co-artist: Rubel.
  • Shukher shwargo (1996), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Adorer shontan (1996), Co-artist: Ilias Kanchon.
  • Shukher ghore dukher agun (1996), Co-artist: Ilias Kanchon and Ditti.
  • Lutt toraj (1996), Co-artist: Manna and Ditti.
  • Ammajaan (1996), Co-artist: Manna and Amin Khan
  • Soitan Mansuh (1996), Co-artist: Omar Sunny and Amin Khan
  • Shanti chai (1997), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.



  • Ondho valobasha (1997), Co-artist: Iias kanchan.
  • Mitthya ohongkaar (1996), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Ghaat protighaat (1996), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Shongsharer shukh dukkho (1997), Co-artist: Omar Sunny
  • Prio shotru (1997), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Laat shaheber meye (1996), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Lojja (1996), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Tumi shundor (1997), Co-artist: Omar sunny.
  • Bagher bachcha (1998), Co-artist: Manna.
  • Ruposhi raajkonnya (1998), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • kotha dao (1998), Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Vondo baba (1998), Co-artist: Manna.
  • Bipodjonok (2001), Co-artist: Amin Khan and Purnima
  • Kokhono Megh Kokhono Brishti (2003) Co-artist: Ferdous Ahmed.
  • Molla Barir Bou (2005)
  • Golapi Ekhon Bilatey (2006) Co-artist: Ferdous Ahmed and Shabnur.
  • Ekjon Songe Chhilo (2007)
  • Tui Jodi Aamar Hoiti Re (2008) Co-artist: Ferdous Ahmed.
  • Shaheb Namer Golam (2009) Co-artist: Omar Sunny and Shakib Khan.
  • Kusum Kusum Prem (2011) Co-artist: Ferdous Ahmed.
  • Devdas (2013), Co-artist: Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas.
  • Baper Taka (1995) Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Munafik Co-artist: Omar Sunny and Ilias Kanchon.
  • Kaal Nagirir Prem , Co-artist: Omar Sunny.
  • Raja Bangladeshi, Co-artist: Manna
  • Alibaba, Co-artists: Amit Hasan and Manna
  • Mayer Morjada, Co-artist: Manna
  • Lal Doriya, Co-artist: Amin Khan
  • Strir Morjada, Co-artist: Amin Khan
  • Uttejito, Co-artist: Amin Khan
  • Aj Gaye Holud, Co-artists: Amin Khan and Mahfuz Ahmed
  • Dushmon Duniya , Co-artists: Manna and Amit Hasan
  • Sotter Bijoy , Co-artists: Amit Hasan and Manna
  • Bouer Somman , Co-artist: Amit Hasan
  • Joj Saheb , Co-artists: Amit Hasan and Rubel
  • Chiter Number One , Co-artists: Manna and Ferdous Ahmed
  • Sukher Ashay , Co-artist: Rubel
  • Dhakaiya Mastan (2002 ) , Co-artist: Manna


  • Kokhono Megh Kokhono Brishti (2003)
  • Meher Negar (2006)


  • Nominated, Meril Prothom Alo Awards(popular) 2011 for best actress for the film ‘Devdas’
  • Nominated, Meril Prothom Alo Awards(critics) 2011 for best actress for the film ‘Projapoti’
  • Nominated Meril Prothom Alo Awards 2005 for best actress for the film ‘molla barir bou’
  • Won Meril Prothom Alo Awards(popular) 2011 for best actress for the film ‘Projapoti’
  • Won Meril Prothom Alo Awards 2010 for best actress for the film ‘Golapi Ekhon Bilete’

Production House

Moushumi is interested to production movies now. She runs a production house Kopotaksho Cholochitra and associate with Projapoti Cholochitra.