Arefin Rumi | A Musical Craze of New Generation in Bangladesh

Arfin Rumey Arfin Rumey

Arfin Rumey is a popular singer in Bangladesh. He is a music-craze of many Bangladeshis from the last few years. He has some hit albums in his career which he published in recent years. Last few years he was more criticized about his polygamy mentality. He already has two wives, but start hanging with a new girl recently.


In childhood Arfin Rumey wants to be a cricketer. He played 1st class cricket in Bangladesh too. Singing was his sort of hobby. He wanted to be a cricketer , but his mother’s dream was different. His mother wanted to make her son as a musician. Regular music night was held in his home regularly. His mother also played harmonium quite well. He learned harmonium in very little age. Then, he admitted into Chhayanot to learn classical music. He performed in many shows in his hometown from the childhood.


Arfin Rumey performed many programs in various shows. Once he met Ferdous Wahid in a show. Ferdous Wahid told him that he is really a good singer. Then, Ferdous took him in his home and met with Habib Wahid, another music superstar of Bangladesh. Habib also praised Arefin Rumi. That incident was the career turn-back of Arefin Rumi’s life.

Arfin Rumey


Then, Arefin Rumi released a lot of albums and most of these were hit album. His 1st album was “Arefin Rumi” which is released in 2008 from ‘Laser Vision’. These albums are Arfin Rumi, Projonom, Puja, Kache Ashoni, Bhalobashi Tomay etc.


It is the darkest side of Rumi’s life. He has a wife from many years and they have a child named Ariyan too. Thus, he got married again with Kamrunnesa, who lived in USA. His first wife couldn’t tell anything to him. But, the most shocking news is Arefin again flirting with another girl who is his 1st wife’s child friend! Now, all are going to be ruined up.

Arfin Rumey


Arefin Rumi’s life is full of controversy. Many people say that his most of the songs are copied from other singers. Once Fuad, another music king of Bangladesh said that Arefin Rumi is the greatest musical thief in Bangladesh.