Apu Bishwash | Heartthrob Actress of Bangladeshi film World

Name: Abanti Bishwash Apu
Nickname: Apu Bishwash
Birth Date: 11th October
Occupation: Actress
Height: 5’5”
Religious: Hindu
Nationality: Bangladeshi

Apu Bishwash

Apu Bishwash

Apu Bishwash is the most popular heartthrob heroine of Bangladesh film industry in this era. Her full name is Abanti Bishwash Apu, but people mostly known her as Apu Bishwash only. She has done more than fifty movies almost. She has acted with superstar hero Shakib Khan in her maximum movies. After taking a long rest from all kinds of media, she came back again in the media with zero figure.


Apu Bishwash was born on 11th October at Shatmatha Area of Sadar Thana in Bogra. Her father’s name is Upendronath Bishwash and her mother’s name is Shefali Bishwash. Apu is the youngest of her four siblings, three sisters and one brother. She passed her childhood in Bogra.


Apu Bishwash got her primary education from Bogra. Her first school was SOS Herman Mainer School in Bogra. Then, she got education from Alor Mela, Crescent High School and Eyakubiya Balika High School. She started dancing for her parents’ wish and admitted into Bulbul Lolitikola Academy. Then she went to Shilpokola Academy and Nrittyanchol too. She stood first position in a dancing competition by Nrittyanchol when she was only read class nine.


Apu Bishwash

Apu Bishwash


Apu Bishwash kicked off her running in BFDC with the movie “Kal Shokale” by Amzad Hossain in 2004. “Koti Takar Kabin” is her first movie where she acted in the main heroin’s role against Shakib Khan in 2006. Fortunately, her first movie was box office hit and the chemistry with Shakib Khan also admired by all. Then, she has been acting approximately fifty movies and maximum time she cast with Shakib Khan. She and Shakib Khan made many super hit movies recent years.

Apu’s popular hit movies are:


  • 2006 – Koti Takar Kabin
  • 2006 – Chachchu
  • 2006 – Dadima
  • 2007 – Pitar Ashon
  • 2008 – Amar Jaan Amar Pran
  • 2008 – Tumi Shopno Tumi Shadhona
  • 2009 – Valobashar Laal Golap
  • 2009 – Jaan Amar Jaan
  • 2010 – Valobashlei Ghor Badha Jayna
  • 2010 – Number One Shakib Khan
  • 2010 – Nishwash Amar Tumi
  • 2010 – Chachchu Amar Chachchu
  • 2010 – Poran Jay Joliya Re
  • 2010 – Prem Mane Na Badha
  • 2011 – Ke Apon Ke Por
  • 2011 – Koti Takar Prem
  • 2011 – Tor Karone Beche Asi
  • 2011 – Jaan Kurban
  • 2011 – King Khan
  • 2011 – Priya Amar Jaan
  • 2012 – Ek Takar Denmohor
  • 2012 – Ek Mon Ek Pran
  • 2012 – Dhakar King
  • 2012 – Durdhorsho Premik
  • 2012 – Ziddi Mama
  • 2013 – Devdas
  • 2013 – Dui Prithibi
  • 2013 – My Name is Khan
  • 2013 – Moner Thikana
  • 2013 – Jaan Tumi Pran Tumi


  • 2008 – Bachsach Award in the best actress category for Jaan Aamar Jaan
  • 2008 – BCRA Award in the best actress category for Jaan Aamar Jaan
  • 2009 – CJFB Award in the best actress category
  • 2010 – Glamour Award in the best actress category for Valobashar Laal Golap
  • 2012 – Film Club Award in the best actress category

Persoanl life

Apu Bishwash isn’t married yet, but rumor has she got married with Shakib Khan. She refused this rumor and said that she enjoyed this type of chitchat.

Apu Bishwash

Apu Bishwash