Anusheh Anadil – Beautiful Bangladeshi Folk Singer

anusheh anadil

anusheh anadil

Name: Anusheh Anadil
Origin: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Occupation: Singer, Lyricist, Entrepreneur
Music Genre: Bangla Folk, Lalon Geeti
Associated Band: Bangla

Anusheh Anadil is an outspoken and popular Bangladeshi folk music artist who has popularized the fusion of traditional rural songs with western rock music, giving them a new life. Her deep, powerful voice has made her a favorite of millions of folk music lovers around the world. Moreover,  she is also a lead vocalist of band Bangla, one of the most popular youth bands in Bangladesh.

Early Life:

Anusheh Anadil was born and brought up in a a Bengali cultured family and got her first music lesson in her childhood on north Indian classical music under the tutelage of Ustad Sagiruddin Khan. In spite of her training on Indian Classical music, she had never found interest on music until she discovered the tastes of folk and Baul music genres of Bangladesh.


In 1998, she joined the pioneer folk band Bangla and since then she is one of the pioneer members of this popular folk band of Bangladesh. With her bold attitude and casual appearance during performance, she has become a role model for many young women in Bangladesh. This passionate singer has got the experience of working with legends like Jonas Hellborg (Mahavishnu Orchestra). Besides, Anusheh was also featured in Music for Crocodiles by Sushila Raman. In addition, this gorgeous folk singer also recorded a film song with the Indian Ocean band for the movie “Bhoomi”. This dedicated folk artist also worked on a project named “Baul and Beyond” with the legendary indian percussionist and tabla player, Pandit Tanmoy Bose. This song loving artist still taking lessons on classical music under the guidance of her guruma, great Kalpana Bhattacharya.

anusheh anadil

Anusheh Anadil

Other Works:

This creative singer currently runs a craft shop named ‘Jatra- A Journey into Craft’ in Dhaka, which is a very popular outlet in Bangladesh among the young and fashion loving people looking for craft and casual clothing made by rural artisans with domestic materials.

Personal Life:

This beautiful and gorgeous folk artist is now passing a great time with her two lovely children.


This passionate folk singer has been awarded many prestigious awards including:

  • The Musical Journalist’s Award (2006)
  • Annanya’s Shrestho 10 Nari (2007)
  • Meeto Merorial Award (2009)
  • The Daily Protidin Award for the best title song of Zee-Bangla’s soap opera ‘Subarnalata’ (2011)

    anusheh anadil

    Anusheh Anadil