Aly Zaker | Versatile Bangladeshi TV & Theatre Icon

Full Name: Aly Zaker
Birth Date: 6th November, 1944
Birth Place: Chittagong, Bangladesh
Occupation: Actor, Director, Businessman
Hobby: Cycling, Photography
Spouse: Sara Zaker
Religion: Islam
Nationality: Bangladeshi

aly zaker

Aly Zaker

Aly Zaker is a colossal figure in the area of Bangladeshi TV drama and theatres. He also played a vital role in the Bangladesh’s liberation war of 1971 being a correspondent of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra, the only radio station at that time and currently he is one of the trustees of Liberation War Museum. This pre-eminent actor and theatre icon is also a personality in the local advertising industry and the owner of Asiatic Marketing Communications Ltd. (Asiatic 3Sixty).


Aly Zaker was born in Chittagong. His father Muhammad Taher was a District Magistrate and his mother Rezia Taher was a housewife. Among his four siblings, Aly was third. Due to his father’s transferable job, Aly zaker experienced the diversity of life living in different places since his early childhood. He passed his early childhood in Kushtia and Madaripur and then shifted to Khulna where he spent couple of years until he moved to Dhaka.


Zaker, though now in his 60s, still makes his presence felt on television through his powerful acting. He is working as the group chairman of Asiatic 3Sixty, leading advertising agency in Bangladesh.

aly zaker

Aly Zaker

Remarkable Works

Theatre Play

Aly Zaker

Aly Zaker

This powerful actor stepped in theater play in 1972 and is still renowned for his pioneer role in theatre movement of Bangladesh. His notable theatre plays include:

  • Dewan Gazir Kissa
  • Acholayatan
  • Chhayanaut
  • Kanthal Bagan etc.

TV Drama

  • Aaj Rabibar
  • Bohubrihi
  • Pathar Shomoy etc.


Aly Zaker has achieved many prestigious awards for his acting and theatre movements like:

  • Ekushey Padak
  • National Academy of Performing Arts Award
  • Martyr Muneir Chowdhury Award
  • Sequence Award of Merit etc.

Personal Life

This acting icon married Sara Zaker, another famous Bangladeshi media personality, entrepreneur and social activist. This couple now has 2 meritorious children – Iresh Zaker and Sriya Sharbojoya. Iresh is another glorious celebrity of Bangladeshi media and also working as executive director in his father’s organization Asiatic 3Sixty.